The Message No One Ignores

Text message mobile marketingYou’ve heard all the statistics about the gnat-like attention spans of consumers and the gloom-and-doom arguments against every kind of outbound marketing: caller I.D. killed telephone sales, DVR killed television advertising, the internet killed everything else, and now people don’t even click internet ads.

While Naked Lime could present compelling data to refute all of the above, what we really want to talk about is the one communication channel that no one ignores: text messaging.

Think about it. How often does your dining companion succumb to the lure of the text message over dinner? How many times do you see the tell-tale glow of phones in a movie theater, even if they’re silenced? Phones are ever-present and text messages are irresistible.

Need numbers?

  • In 2011, Americans sent more than 2.3 trillion text messages
  • Mobile marketing company Mogreet says that 95 out of 100 people who opt into a text messaging program open and read the messages within 3 minutes of receiving them.
  • Texting is the chosen communication channel by adults under 35 years old. Talk to them where they’re listening.

Text messaging can be used in a variety of ways, customized to suit your business. Send customers your latest promotions and upcoming events directly to their phones. Text message codes can be used to allow customers to respond to surveys, enter contests, or redeem discount offers. Text codes can also be integrated with your traditional advertising to track performance.

Like any outbound marketing, text messaging comes with regulations to protect consumers. Using an illegitimate service that sends phone spam to purchased phone number lists might appear to be the easiest way to jump-start a mobile marketing program, but we beg you not to go that route. Allowing people to opt in, then nurturing the relationship is less invasive, more profitable due to higher delivery rates, and will help you avoid legal penalties.

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