3 Customer Retention Tips to Keep a Loyal Following

keep a loyal following with customer retention tipsCustomer loyalty is the backbone of most businesses, including car dealerships. Every business works toward building a lasting, loyal relationship with customers in hopes that the next time a purchase is to be made, that customer is making it with you.

Has this happened to you? You’re out with a group of people who are bashing a certain person, restaurant, sports team, whatever the case may be. While you happen to be a fan of the scorned subject, the fact that everyone else has such bad things to say about it makes you claim you don’t like it when they ask your opinion.

This should tell you two things: One, what people have to say about your dealership matters more than you would like to admit. And two, customer loyalty is more important and harder to earn than ever.

Why? In a digital space where anyone can say anything about your business and a customer has more access to options from which to choose, cultivating a loyal following is tough work.

Here are a few things you can implement in your dealership to start improving your customer loyalty right now:

  1. Show you care– There are plenty of ways to show your customers their business is important to you. Send a thank you email after a large purchase, or call to make sure they were happy with their service. Send holiday or birthday cards or post pictures of happy customers with their new vehicles in your dealership after they make a purchase. It’s the little things that matter.
  2. Show you’re listening- There will be people who make negative comments in the digital space about you in hopes of preventing others from doing business with you. Make sure you respond quickly, and provide an explanation of what steps you are taking to make it right. Let the angry customer, along with other customers and prospects, know you are taking the time to address the problem.
  3. Give them incentives to return- Stay in touch with offers customized to their needs. Email discounts for upcoming recommended services. Send them lease specials when the new model year of their current vehicle is available. Offer the convenience of online service scheduling and tracking through a personalized online portal. Let them know their needs drive your business.

Follow these tips to make sure your customers never have a reason to go anywhere else!