“According to Google” – Classic Comedy With a Twist

Abbott and Costello Who's on First Baseball parody


The Who’s on First routine performed by Abbott and Costello is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year.  We thought it would be appropriate to commemorate the occasion by putting our own spin on the classic baseball comedy skit.  Since Naked Lime’s national pastime is digital marketing, our version will focus on search engines.  Enjoy!


Abbott:  “Well Costello, I just became an SEO expert.  I got a job working for a swell marketing firm called Naked Lime.”

Costello:  “That’s great!  If you’re an SEO expert, you must know all the search-related keywords and phrases that are important.”

Abbott:  “I certainly do.”

Costello:  “Well you know that I’m unfamiliar with the industry.  So you’ll have to tell me everything and then I’ll know, too.”

Abbott:  “Oh, I’ll tell you their names, but you know it seems to me that all these search engine terms have very peculiar names now-a-days.”

Costello:  “You mean funny names?”

Abbott:  “Strange names, pet names…like Penguin.”

Costello:  “Penguin?”

Abbott:  “Yeah.  And Panda.”

Costello:  “Panda?  Is everything so black and white?”

Abbott:  “No, some things have a shade of gray.  Ok, let’s see, the top 3 things you want to know.  First is According to Google, second is Bing It On and third is Yahoo.”

Costello:  “What did you just call me?  I didn’t ask to be insulted.  I just need to know what you’ll be saying as an SEO expert.”

Abbott:  “According to Google.”

Costello:  “Or any search engine.  What words will be coming out of your mouth?”

Abbott:  “According to Google.”

Costello:  “Yes.  It’s the predominant search engine.”

Abbott:  “Agreed.”

Costello:  “Are you gonna be an SEO expert?”

Abbott:  “Yes.”

Costello:  “And you’re gonna be dealing with search marketing all day?”

Abbott:  “Yes.”

Costello:  “And you don’t know the most common phrases within the industry?”

Abbott:  “Well I should.”

Costello:  “Well then what’s the most important thing according to Google?”

Abbott:  “Yes.”

Costello:  “That’s what I want to know.  What will you tell clients?”

Abbott:  “According to Google.”

Costello:  “Yes.  It’s the predominant search engine.”

Abbott:  “Agreed.”

Costello:  “Look, is there something that is the most important phrase to learn?”

Abbott:  “Certainly.”

Costello:  “What is it according to Google?”

Abbott:  “Yes.”

Costello:  “Ok, forget the first thing.  Can you tell me the second thing or do you want to fight?”

Abbott:  “Bing It On.”

Costello:  “Excuse me?  Those are fighting words.  What’s next?”

Abbott:  “Yahoo.”

Costello:  “Back to the insults!  We’ll skip three, too.  Just tell me what the fourth most important phrase is!”

Abbott:  “Ask.”

Costello:  “What’s the fourth most important search engine?”

Abbott:  “Ask.”

Costello:  “I just did!  Tell me what is the most important SEO-related phrase to learn, according to Google.”

Abbott:  “Yes.”


Contributed by Jim Tobe, Naked Lime SEO and Social Media Specialist/Supervisor