Don't Play Hide-and-Seek With Your Customers – Help Them Find You

Remember phone books? You know, those fat yellow books with ads for attorneys on the back cover that mysteriously landed with a thud on your doorstep once every year?

They’re still around, but unless you drive around with one in your car, chances are it’s not helping you much these days.

A recent study by prepared by comScore, Inc. found that traffic to online directory listings – and Google Plus Local, for example  – from non-PC devices increased by more than 400% in 2012. From December 2011 to December 2012, local directory traffic grew from 6% of total web traffic to a 27% share.

What does this mean your dealership and other local businesses? Your customers are using mobile search to find you, so make sure you are easily found.

When was the last time you verified the information for your dealership in online directories? Marketing firm ConstantContact conducted a business survey in which respondents reported some sobering statistics:

  • 49% of small businesses have never updated their online listings.
  • 50% have seen incorrect listings for their business.
  • 70% say they don’t have time to manage their profiles on directory sites.

However, of those same businesses surveyed, 78% said they understand that new customers will use those sites to search for them.

If it is valuable to you, as 78% of businesses realize, find time to do it. If you can’t find the time, find someone to do it so your customers can find you.

online directory listings replace phone books for businesses