New Study: Less Time Shopping, More Done Online

Your dealership’s online presence just became even more important in light of the results of a new Polk study.

The 2013 Polk Automotive Buyer Influence Study found that while people are spending less time in the car-buying cycle, the portion of that time spent shopping online has jumped remarkably.

In 2011, consumers reported spending 19 hours shopping for vehicle on the Internet. By 2013, this number had dropped by 5.25 hours to 13.75 hours spent shopping online.

Before you jump to the conclusion that online shopping is declining, consider this: The percentage of time spent online, out of the total buying process, increased from 60% to 75%.

What’s really happening is shoppers are making decisions faster, giving dealerships less time to make that critical impression.

Their attention is online, so that’s where yours needs to be, too.

The study also reports that two out of three car buyers never contact the dealership before walking on the lot, which means no phone calls or email leads for you to follow. The information they find about you online is what gets them in your door.

Evaluate your website, your social media presence, your online reputation, your digital advertising, and your email marketing. Are you putting your best face forward on all fronts? One negative experience for consumers in any of those areas, and your competitors are just one quick click away.

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