The Truth About What Customers Are REALLY Doing on Your Lot

We all know the auto industry has seen some dark days in recent history, but thankfully, the sun is shining again. A recent report by reported that the average new car purchase reached an all-time high of $30,803.

That’s fantastic news for car dealers, but only if those cars are bought at your dealership. Are you giving customers a reason not to look anywhere else?

The report from includes another interesting fact: the number of visitors to the mobile site tripled from 2011 to 2012, with six times more total visits in the same time period. can also tell whether or not a visitor is on or near a dealer lot at the time of their mobile site visit. Shoppers on your lot are shopping at the same time. What are they getting there that they aren’t getting from you?

Compared to other visitors, when car buyers use the mobile app near a dealership:

  • They are 92% more likely to use monthly payment calculators.
  • They are 31% more likely to look at new car pricing.
  • They are 35% more likely to look at used car pricing.

What does this mean for your dealership?

First, you need a mobile site, or at least a site that is touch-friendly. Don’t make customers find the information somewhere else because the information on your site is too hard to access on a mobile device.

Second, make sure the information they want is easy to see. For example, be  sure the price stands out from the other details on inventory listings.

Third, make it convenient. In this study, customers use the payment calculator the most. They were already at the dealership, and either knew what they wanted to buy, how much they wanted to spend, or both. Don’t send them down an Internet rabbit hole that could lead them off your lot when they are so close to buying. Put a link to a payment calculator on your mobile site.

The study tells us that every customer who walks off your lot takes an average $30,803 with him. Make it easier for them to stick around.

Mobile phone searches on car dealership lots