#SEOThanks: The Recap

Naked Lime launched the first-ever SEO Appreciation Day on July 16, and the success of the event exceeded our expectations.

SEO Appreciation Day was created to thank SEO specialists within Naked Lime and industry-wide for their dedication to the valuable services they provide. Of course, it was also our chance to tell the world why SEO is vital and why Naked Lime digital marketing experts are the best in the biz.

As part of the marketing effort to dealerships, we created an email campaign around SEO Appreciation Day. Existing Naked Lime SEO and Social customers were invited to thank their SEO specialist and non-customers were given the opportunity to sign up for a complimentary SEO analysis.

Here is a shout-out from Bill Harris Dealerships in Ashland, OH:

 Thanks to Naked Lime from Scott Harris

We also created a website and Facebook page for SEO Appreciation Day to help spread the word. On the Facebook page, people could also send virtual gifts to help thank SEO professionals for their work.

Within the walls of Naked Lime that day, things got festive with an appreciation luncheon, complete with the most appropriate of desserts:

SEO Appreciation Day Cookies

SEO Appreciation day will return next year, bigger and better, so watch for updates. But don’t wait that long to appreciate the digital marketing experts who help keep your business in front of your customers – thank them throughout the year as well!

Thanks to our own Naked Lime team for their involvement:

The SEO Appreciation Day effort was led by Danielle Longenecker, manager of the Naked Lime SEO and Social team, with marketing and public relations support from Stephanie Ciarlariello, Valerie England, and Loretta Good.

Graphic design, website design, and website content for SEO Appreciation Day was developed by Heather Cupp, Lisa Williams, Andy Cody, Eric Becker, Josh Hoffman, Cat Hiles, Brittany Fullenkamp, Kyle Perkins, and Tim Moore.

The Naked Lime SEO and Social team includes supervisors Brittany Bogan, Josh Harris, Amberly Pressler, Jim Tobe, Chris Ventura, Jessica Wacker, and Marie Wehran.

The specialists getting dirty in the trenches every day are:

Halie Anderson, Eric Becker, Lauren Beckert, Julie Berk, Rebecca Bernard, Brad Blackburn, Marci Duckro, Daniel Ferguson, Brittany Fullenkamp, Alex Haley, Steven Heyne, Cat Hiles, Josh Hoffman, Sara Huelsman, Sara King, Shannon Kley, Vanessa Lane, Rachel Lanka, Josh Luke, Daniel MacDougall, Kent Montgomery, Sarah Myers, Dustin Norman, Ben Pitonyak, Shonna Seedle, Travis Sink, Kate Slanker, Adam Steeber, Jessica Wade, Brad Wehkamp, Brandy Wilson

And we'll wrap up with a few of them talking about SEO in their own words: