The Thrill of the Chase

When was the last time you saw Mike, who bought that bright red Corolla – 6 months, 12 months, 3 years ago? The hard truth is, Mike is servicing his vehicle elsewhere. Fortunately, with our intelligent database, we know he is still driving it, and can reach out to him with relevant offers for his Toyota.

But as a savvy dealership, you have already reached out to him multiple times with aggressive offers through email marketing, with no new service visits to show for it. So how can you get him back?Naked Lime direct mail example

There are thousands of “Mikes” in an average dealership’s database, all of whom are prime targets for an aggressive piece of direct mail. After a certain point, when emailing the customer with your best prices (or even better than your best prices) does not drive in the business, you need to attack from a different channel.

At Naked Lime, we call this “conquesting the database” – a tactic that dealerships can employ to increase the chances of a high ROI for direct mail pieces. Since the customer has a relationship with you already, it’s easy to craft a message that lets the customer know you recognize he has decided to go elsewhere and you will fight to get him back.

As in all successful conquest campaigns, we must work diligently to break the customer’s habit of servicing – and ultimately buying – elsewhere. Offers that are irresistible to the customer need to be employed to create real opportunities for a conversion and a possible subsequent up-sell.

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