Your Digital Marketing – One-Trick Pony or Three-Ring Circus?


While you’re busy jumping through hoops like a circus performer to keep up with the latest search engine algorithm changes, don’t forget that the best performances have many acts. Google might be the ringmaster, but don’t let your onsite SEO efforts steal the stage from all the other ways you need to entertain your audience.

On-site SEO is certainly important in getting your dealership noticed, but it can’t successfully perform alone. If you think you’re covered because when your site was first built, your site provider stuffed the page with keywords and wrote some meta descriptions, you’re wrong. Plus, even good optimization can turn bad if updates are neglected or if changes in ranking factors place penalties on what initially were acceptable practices. Optimization takes constant attention to keep your dealership in the center ring.

That’s why content marketing has become one of the big cats in the digital marketing show. Content marketing typically involves creating and distributing content on sites other than your own. The idea is to create content that is both relevant and valuable to your market audience. Creating value by providing education, solving problems, and answering questions is the key to communicating with customers without over-selling.

Channels for content marketing can include writing your own blog, writing guest posts for other blogs, contributing to industry news sources, creating videos and webinars, and hosting educational microsites. Using social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and others also can help put your content in front of your audience and encourage further connection with your brand.

More and more automotive retailers are recognizing that being found on the web requires juggling many online activities at once – from SEO to content marketing to social media. Dealerships that stand out from the crowd know how important it is to get noticed online and how to use their resources to make the most of their digital marketing. If your dealership is constantly walking a digital marketing tight rope, call 855.NKD.LIME to help make your online efforts the best act under the big top.


Digital Marketing Tightrope

Relying only on on-site SEO is walking a digital marketing tightrope without a net.