Zero Doubt About the Power of One Agency

When I read this article on DrivingSales today about one-stop-shop vendors, I got worked up into a good old-fashioned tizzy, as my beloved grandma would have said.

Did he really just compare these vendors to Walmart!?

Not so fast.

The one-stop-shop approach to marketing and advertising is not about competing on price. It’s about being able to provide a strategic, integrated, and consistent framework for helping dealers get noticed by more consumers and keep the customers they already have.

At Naked Lime, we believe there is great value in trusting a single vendor. We’re the best at dealership marketing, advertising and web, and those things are even more effective when they’re aligned to a common goal.

To break it down:

  • Your digital reputation management works better with social media management because your digital presence is more than just reviews and surveys – customers talk about you on social networks, too, and you need to listen and respond.
  • Search engine optimization works better with social media because the content that helps your site stay fresh and relevant can be shared with the people who want to see it.
  • Digital advertising works better with search engine optimization and web performance because you need a quality site with relevant landing pages to support your ad performance.
  • The exclusive data and expert insight that drive our targeted marketing and advertising efforts work even better when aligned with your site content and social media so that your message is consistently reinforced across platforms.

The list of benefits could go on, but you get my point. We don’t want to sell you cereal and potting soil while you get new tires. We want to help you build a unified marketing presence.

However, the author of the aforementioned article did get two things right:

  • Writing one check does make the job of accounting easier. It also makes it easier for anyone inside your dealership involved with marketing. With one phone call, you can communicate with every marketing channel, leaving the rest to us so you can go sell cars.
  • OEM marketing is about branding. Our marketing is about you. We can help you promote your OEM initiatives in a way that sets you apart. Our specialists develop campaigns that are local, specific, creative, and individual, and our market analysts use your own market data to target our messages. It doesn’t get much more personal than that.

Still have doubts? Let us answer your questions. 855.NKD.LIME.

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