Hummingbird, Hashtags, and Hidden Keywords – Latest Google Updates

Last week, Google celebrated 15 years of keeping digital marketers on our toes, making news with Hummingbird, hashtags, and encrypted search.

Let’s break it down:
Google Hummingbird algorithm  update
· Hummingbird: Bucking the former color scheme and alliterative trends of their former Penguin and Panda updates, Google announced it has been using a new Hummingbird algorithm for a few months to help serve up your search results.

Named Hummingbird because it is “precise and fast,” Google has said the change is analogous to putting a new engine in an old car – the car will still use elements of Penguin and Panda, but it is being driven by Hummingbird. So don't think you have less to master with one new algorithm – the old rules still apply.

As far as we can tell, Hummingbird isn’t based on finding and penalizing bad SEO practices, but is instead designed to help with more semantic, conversational searches. With more people speaking rather than typing their searches, they have become longer and more complex. This is good, because Google has more information to determine the best results, but only if the algorithm is designed to do that. Enter Hummingbird.

Bottom line: Follow SEO best practices and fill your dealership website with good, relevant content, and Hummingbird should be more helpful than harmful.

· Hashtags: Google+ continues to increase in SEO relevance as Google now serves up related Google+ posts in Google searches for hashtagged terms on the main search results page. Your search results will only include Google+ posts that are public or shared with you by users in your network.

Bottom line: If you don’t currently use Google+ in your dealership marketing, or haven’t been optimizing your posts, now is a great time to start.

· Encrypted search data: The marketing world was abuzz when it was rumored that Google would be withholding all keyword referral data, putting all referral terms in the dreaded “not provided” category. Those secret words were previously only protected for searchers logging in to Google accounts.

Bottom line: This change makes it even more crucial for you to provide relevant, useful content and master the many other ways of measuring your dealership’s website performance and success.

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