Secrets for Success with OEM Direct Mail

Naked Lime and OEM Direct Mail

Many dealers feel stuck with their OEM-mandated direct mail program. Or, maybe they’re not quite ready to give up on it, even though it’s still not producing the results they’d like.

Are you one of them? It’s not uncommon to be in that situation, but what can you do? How can you get the results you want without starting from scratch? Naked Lime’s Targeted Marketing service allows you to keep your current direct mail program while at the same time reach customers you are currently missing.

Most OEM-mandated programs have certain restrictions that prevent you from reaching customers:

  • Who haven’t been in your dealership in over than a year.
  • With different makes.
  • With a car model 5 years old or older.
  • Outside of your restricted primary market area.

Plus, OEM-mandated programs typically make it nearly impossible to target conquest customers or significantly differentiate your dealership. They’re just not set up to do that for you. Their goal is to sell the brand, wherever they can, not to sell cars at your specific dealership.

We can help you bust through every one of these barriers. Our Targeted Marketing service helps you reach every last customer regardless of make, year, or when they were last in your dealership. You also get your very own dedicated marketing analyst who does all the heavy lifting from beginning to end, with campaigns customized to your dealership and your market.

Your marketing analyst:

  • Updates your email database, increasing your email addresses and decreasing your direct mail costs.
  • Recommends, creates, implements, and tracks your sales and service campaigns.
  • Reports results.

Don’t settle for less than your fair share. Get your customers back and grab more of theirs. Contact us for more information by calling 866.424.0538 or visiting