Content Marketing: A Win-Win for Dealers and Customers


Value of content marketing for dealershipsWhether you knew it at the time or not, if you’ve ever watched a video, read a blog post, downloaded an ebook or special offer, or even picked up a flyer at an event, you’ve participated in content marketing.

Rather than interrupting your life to pitch a product, content marketing seeks to attract and engage consumers by offering them something of value. That value can be monetary, entertaining, educational – anything that enriches the life of the audience, who will then ideally return the favor with new business or continued loyalty.

A new study conducted in July and August 2013 analyzed the content marketing strategies of businesses from a range of industries, company sizes, and job functions. The findings might make you re-evaluate your current dealership marketing plans.

The Best and the Worst:

  • 85% of the most effective marketers have someone who oversees content marketing strategy.
  • The most effective marketers allocate at least 32% of their total budget to content marketing, while the least effective allocate 10% or less.
  • 91% of the most effective marketers rate eNewsletters as the most effective tactic.

Top 5 Channels for Content Marketing:

Top 4 Challenges:

  • Lack of time (57%)
  • Producing engaging content (51%)
  • Lack of budget (48%)
  • Producing enough content (45%)

Top 3 Metrics of Success:

  • Web traffic (66%)
  • Social media sharing (52%)
  • Time spent on website (45%)

Do you know where your dealership’s marketing money, time and effort are best spent? If so, do you have it to spend? We can help you make the most of what you have and get the results you need. Call a consultant at 888.NKD.LIME to get started.