Digital Dealer 15 – All About Data for Dealerships

Digital Dealer 15 was all about bid data for dealershipsWe just returned from Digital Dealer 15, and we’re breaking the “what happens in Vegas” rule to tell you that everyone there was talking big data. Allow us to welcome them to the party, fashionably late.

Naked Lime has always practiced data-driven strategies to make your marketing and advertising the most effective. However, now that everyone is pushing data, you might wonder what makes us different.

More isn’t necessarily better. Hoarding data just because you can often leads to what we call paralysis by analysis – too much information to sort through and no clear direction leaves you standing still. We know the key data points and look for trends and patterns over time that can be used to make the best decisions.

We can drive. You might have data, but do you know what to do with it? You wouldn’t trust just any newly licensed 16-year-old drive to drive a Ferrari up to its potential, so you should be just as careful with choosing to whom you entrust your data and your business decisions. Only an industry expert with the best resources and fresh perspective should drive your marketing.

With us, it goes farther. When you use one vendor, like Naked Lime, to send a cohesive message to your audience, you know that message is powered by the best data available on every channel. No duplicated efforts, no missed connections – just a simplified, unified experience for your customers.

You’ll be hearing more and more about data-driven marketing as more vendors catch on. Just remember where you heard it first, and call Naked Lime at 855. NKD.LIME when you want to hear more about how we do it best.