Email Marketing: Here to Stay or Fading Away?

Email marketingWith all the emphasis on what social media can do for a business, you’d think email marketing is dead. But, you’d be wrong.

Good, old-fashioned retail emails still have consumers clicking. In fact, targeted emails are being opened, read, and used during the shopping cycle 76% of the time.1

Part of the reason emails are still work has to do with human nature. Retail emails are sent directly to a shopper’s inbox, and it takes little effort for the consumer to redeem incentives.

Another bonus? Often retail emails are received because the customer opt-ed in, meaning they have some interest in the retailer’s products or services. Ideally, you also are targeting content to reach people at the right stage of the buying cycle with the right message.

On the flip-side, a consumer can unsubscribe from a retailer’s communications at any time. If you’re paying attention, you can identify where you’re missing the mark and react accordingly to save relationships.

Looking for more reason to keep the emails coming? There are more than 3 billion active email accounts worldwide2. Your customers are using this medium, often every day. Even if they don’t act on the content you send every single time, you still have eyes on your dealership’s brand.

Email marketing is alive and well. Targeted, relevant emails remain a significant tool in helping you protect your brand and drive retail action.

1,2 – “Social Media is the Hot New Thing, But Email is Still the King” AdvertisingAge