Four Tips for Likeable Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising dollarsAccording to Facebook, 16 million local business pages had been created as of May 2013, which is a 100 percent increase since June 2012. Follow these four tips for Facebook advertising to help your dealership stand out in the social media crowd:

  1. Target, target, target. Facebook allows you to target ads to users by demographic, location, affinities, and other variables. Take advantage! While it’s a shame to have an ad with no likes, it’s just as bad for your ad to appear in the wrong newsfeeds, wasting your budget.
  2. Target some more. Another tool Facebook has is “Lookalike Audiences,” which allows you to target people who aren’t currently following your brand, but who have similar characteristics to your fans. This is a great way to expand your reach and connect with new customers. Facebook harnesses tons of data – use it wisely to get the best results.
  3. Your ads don’t have to look like ads. Take the time to design ads that tell a story. More visuals, fewer words. Make an emotional connection with your customer; don’t just toss facts or features at them. Sell your dealership and your vehicles without being obvious about it. Simply including your logo in your image (appropriately) can get the message across. Remember, your ads will show up alongside personal stories. As much as your want to stand out, it’s also important to fit in.
  4. Optimize for mobile. Facebook ads appear in the news feed on mobile devices. Your ads should be consistent, visual-heavy, and light on words. Make your point in 90 characters or less, or users will scroll right on through.

Don’t get lost in the Facebook crowd. Follow these tips to create targeted ads that get your dealership noticed and your customers clicking.