Word of the Year (The One Dealerships Should Know)

Online car shopping - showrooming at the dealershipOxford Dictionaries announced “selfie” as their 2013 Word of the Year today. As a social media management provider, we will keep our opinions of selfies to, well, ourselves.

However, also on the list of nominees is a topic that is becoming a bigger concern for car dealers: showrooming.

While your customers’ self portraits posted on social media have little impact on your business (unless the picture includes the new car just bought from you – definitely encourage that!), their showrooming habits can be eating into your profits.

In their press release, Oxford Dictionaries defined showrooming as “the practice of visiting a shop or shops in order to examine a product before buying it online at a lower price.” What this means for car dealers is that customers are often shopping from other dealerships while right there on your lot.

While the dictionary definition might lead you to try to compete only on price, they are missing an important piece of the puzzle for dealerships. Unlike Amazon or other internet retailers, where most consumers eventually make a purchase online after showrooming smaller items, car shopping typically cannot be done entirely without interaction with the dealership.

The buyers who are checking out other dealerships while sitting in your lobby are doing the same in other dealerships. How do you win those customers, and keep more of the ones you already have?

  • Be visible in search results.
  • Know your market. Stock the vehicles your customers search.
  • Put the best possible face forward on
    review sites and social media.
  • Make your website easy to use, especially on mobile devices.
  • Surprise them with unforgettable customer service.
  • If you must, take a selfie of your smiling face at the end of a successful day of sales.

Showrooming may not have ultimately won top word of the year, but it is a top concern for dealerships. Keep customers engaged and shopping at your dealership. Call 855.NKD.LIME to learn more.