Trade Show Success in Four Easy Steps

NADA Trade Show 2014

Once we get past the happy holiday hustle, we'll find ourselves in the middle of a new season – Trade Show Season. While we're getting ready to dazzle you at NADA, make sure you're ready to be dazzled!

How much time and money do you spend going these shows, attending presentations, shaking hands, and listening to demonstrations on how to improve your business processes and increase your profit, all the while thinking that you can’t wait to get home to start implementing what you’ve learned?

If you're like many other dealers, you probably go these shows, get pumped up, make a mental note of all the things you are going to do to get better, go home, and then do very little.

This year can be different. Use these tips to help you get the most out of your next trade show:

  • Consolidate notes. Immediately after the show, while things are fresh in your head and before  you forget why you thought those points were so important, go through your notes and archive them. Organize them by importance or by priority or practicality – however works for you, but organize them. This will help you retain all the valuable lessons you learned and help you decide what to implement and where to start.
  • Organize contact information. You probably collected materials from places you never intend to call. Why keep it all? Trash what you know you won’t need and review the rest. Take notes to help you remember with whom you spoke and what interested you.
  • Share. Discuss with your team what you learned at the conference. Ask their opinions and see if they have any ideas on how to change your processes or implement new products. You can also share your findings across the digital space. Write about your experience on your dealership’s blog or in an article to run in your customer newsletter.
  • Create a Plan. Determine what you will change and when you’ll do it. Give yourself reasonable deadlines, divide tasks up to make them obtainable, and make sure each tasks has an owner who is ready to be held accountable to make the change. Set a completion date, then thank your staff for their hard work  by throwing a pizza party or catering in lunch.

There are valuable things to learn at the upcoming automotive trade shows. Get on top of the competition by getting on top of your to-do list after each show.

And make sure you visit Naked Lime at NADA in booth #4333, January 25th-27th in New Orleans!