Data-driven Direct Mail is Direct Mail Done Right

Everywhere you look, someone is talking about data. But what does big data really mean for your dealership? A lot, but only when it drives a strategy that can help effectively reach customers and motivate them to visit your dealership.

Gone are the days of relying on instinct and guesswork to determine your marketing strategy.  Data today is timely, relevant, and actionable and allows your dealership to interact with customers on their terms.

Your dealership needs robust data that can help you determine which customers to target, the theme of the campaign, the mailer type to send, and the content and offer to include. Engage your customers with targeted and specific information that causes them to find you online, pick up the phone, or stop in the dealership.

Today’s mailers can be personalized to reach consumers with messages such as:

  • Specific new vehicle offers.
  • Buyback offers sent to customers who own the vehicles you want to stock on your used lot.
  • Specific incentives/offers for customers based on credit profiles.

Want more proof of the power of data to generate sales? Here are three examples of direct mail done right:

1. The “handwritten look” buyback offer letter
When you know what vehicle your customer is driving, you can estimate when they are in equity, what you can offer them for their current vehicle, and how to get them in a new vehicle at a similar monthly payment.

Results: 7,513 pieces sent, resulting in 27 confirmed sales.

Data Driven Dealership Direct Mail Piece











2. The trifold postcard

Send relevant service offers based on your customers’ vehicle model and year and the services that they may need completed.

Results: 2,700 pieces sent, 166 confirmed service matches for $30,440.11 in gross profit.

Data Driven Dealership Direct Mail











3. The “We Want Your Trade” small trifold

Pique your customers’ interest in a new car by making an offer on their current car that they can’t refuse. Access to customer data means you can create relevant, interesting offers to consumers that capture their attention and motivate them to visit your dealership for their next vehicle purchase.

Results: 10,300 pieces sent, 29 confirmed sales matches.

Data driven direct mail piece - Naked Lime

data driven direct mail piece - Naked Lime











Data and its analysis for use in marketing and advertising can strongly influence the success of a dealership. The ability to reach customers with a personalized message is the reason direct mail continues to be relevant and effective, even as more and more marketing shifts to digital media.

Use a data-driven strategy to drive your direct mail results and get customers to take action.