Google – From Search Engine to Knowledge Engine

Still think Google is simply a search engine? I think not.

Google continues to take steps to become a true KNOWLEDGE engine for consumers. This started with the introduction of the Knowledge Graph and continues with the addition of Google Authorship and the increased in emphasis on Google+ and Local presence.

Google continues to move further from simply matching strings of input characters toward a focus on more effectively delivering results that relate to exactly what a consumer is looking for. Search results are becoming more relationship driven based on historical search data saved in Google’s database, as well as better content delivered on websites.

Google+ in Action

In the example below, you can see three features of Google+ in action:

1) Results that are local to me.

2) A direct link into the dealership’s Google+ page.

3) An example of a dealership using Google Authorship.

Google tips for car dealerships

Implications for Dealers

So what does this mean for dealers? What can you do to help ensure you are delivering what the consumer is looking for? So glad you asked:

  • Produce strong content pages that provide answers.
    • Inventory is definitely the biggest part of the dealership website, but it’s not the be-all and end-all of driving results. Provide information so the consumer can make decisions.
    • What if a consumer is interested in midsize coupe options? Give them what they want with information comparing different midsize coupes .
    • What about the customer who wants an at-a-glance comparison of their current vehicle against other options? Try a page like this: comparing options similar to the Honda Accord.
    • Remember that social strengthens search.
      • What’s more relationship oriented than social networking? There’s a reason Google just happens to have its own social arena. If you aren’t making your presence on Google+ a priority, you need to!
      • Google+ is also a big driver of local results. Search doesn’t get much more personal than Google displaying results related to where you are located when you search.
      • Use Google Authorship to further personalize your dealership.
        • Google Authorship connects authors to online content, meaning creation of quality content is more important than ever.
        • Content generated by authors with more authority rank higher in search results.

What are you doing today to help ensure your search results answer what the consumer is asking for? If you are struggling and need direction, call 855.NKD.LIME to learn more about how we can help.