Is Your Facebook Marketing on Target?

dealership Facebook marketing on targetOne of the hardest aspects of social media marketing is determining whether your investment is paying off. Luckily, there are some tools to help make your Facebook marketing more effective.

The most useful resource for Facebook marketers is Facebook Page Insights, a tool that provides information on demographics, reach, and engagement. Unfortunately, these statistics often go unmonitored, leaving businesses completely unaware of their Facebook audience. This is problematic because effective marketing hinges on sending the right messages to the right audience. Otherwise, you’re just throwing darts without a dartboard.

Where are these amazing Insights, you ask? Built right into Facebook. Go to the Admin Panel on your Facebook business page and click on the tab that says “See Insights.” Then, begin your analysis by checking the demographics of your audience. Facebook splits demographics into age, sex, and location. This can be a big help in developing an initial marketing strategy. For example, if your audience is largely between the ages of 18-24 and located in a college town, you could test a few posts about student discounts or college graduate offers. Now, you know where the dartboard is.

Next, take a look at audience behavior. The Facebook Page Insights show you the best time of day to post (each day) and the average reach of your post type (status, photo, or link). Then Facebook takes it a step further by showing you the average type of engagement (clicks, likes, comments, and shares) for each post type. For example, you could find out that the majority of your audience is online from 1-4 p.m. on Wednesdays and is most likely to view and comment on status updates. Now you know which dart to throw and when to throw it.

Use Facebook Insights to build your strategy and then measure the success of your posts by looking at the reach, engagement, and feedback of each post. Keep track of which messages are more successful and adjust your strategy based on your results. With proper testing and interpreting of analytics, you’ll be finding the bull’s-eye more consistently and reaching your audience more effectively.

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