Make Recalls a Customer Retention Opportunity

Recalls and dealership service departmentDealers often approach OEM recalls as a curse – not a blessing – since the extra work created can put strain on the parts department, service department, and customer service representatives. However, with preparation and the right approach, your dealership can make the most of recalls and turn them into future service opportunities.

When a recall is issued, consumers will usually search for the most conveniently located dealership to make their appointment. Make sure they can find you with up-to-date business information on your website and online directories such as Yelp and Google+ Local. An ongoing plan for reputation management will also help ensure that your dealership’s best face is forward for prospective customers deciding where to have the service performed.

Once they find you, they’ll need to schedule service. Make it easy by allowing them to schedule online, or have a plan in place to handle increased phone and internet inquiries quickly. Your advantage of being conveniently located goes right out the window if customers can’t get an appointment.

You can also take a proactive approach to recalls by reaching out to customers directly instead of waiting for them to come to you. Writing about the recall on your dealership blog, posting notifications on social media, and sending out your own email or direct mail notifications to your current customers lets them know that you have their safety in mind.

Then, when customers finally bring in their vehicles for the repair, take advantage of the opportunity to win their repeat business. Build customer loyalty by showing them world-class service and respect for their time.

Recalls can put a dent in any OEM’s reputation, but they’re also a chance for your dealership to redeem the brand and shine.  Embrace the extra business recalls can create and take the right steps to keep those customers coming back. Call 855.NKD.LIME for more information.