Dealership Marketing Success Story – Atchley Ford

There is only one thing we like more than happy customers – customers who are willing to tell everyone exactly how happy they are.

Big thanks to our friends at Atchley Ford who allowed us to spend time at their dealership getting to know them and their business even better.

Below are some highlights from our interviews, or you can watch the video here.

“I think Naked Lime has helped out tremendously in streamlining the process here at our dealership.”

“The amount of time that working with Naked Lime has saved us has allowed us to sell more cars, to spend more time training our staff, to spend more time one-on-one with customers.”

“Instead of just marketing in a shotgun manner and shooting a bunch of emails or direct mails out there.  We are target marketing a lot more effectively, so the money that we are spending may not have changed a lot.  However, the return on investment is a lot better for us.”

“I’m learning things from Naked Lime about my dealership that I didn’t even know before.”

“The results are incredible. We’re very happy.  We’ll keep going.  Please don’t go out of business, or we will.”

If you’d like to share the success story of your dealership’s partnership with Naked Lime, please let us know. We’ll be happy to talk or pay you a visit!


Atchley Ford Nebraska