The Most Important Email Marketing Stats for 2014

Mobile email stats and tips

Litmus, guru of email testing and analytics, recently shared their findings about the new directions email took in 2013. While some of the shifts were minor, the continued rise of mobile is strong enough to cause all marketers to take notice.

The most notable numbers from the Litmus report:

  • 51% of emails are now opened on a mobile device
  • Mobile email opens increased 21%
  • iPhone was the #1 email client at 26%
  • 38% of all emails are opened on iOS (iPhone and iPad)
  • Android email opens increased 57%

Yes. For the first time, mobile email opens surpassed desktop in 2013.

What does this mean to you?

You simply cannot afford email marketing that is not mobile-friendly. Here’s how to make it so:

  • Keep it short. Mobile users are, by definition, on the go. Tell them what they need to know quickly so they can keep going.
  • Make it big and bright – the text, that is. Mobile screens can be small, so don’t make the text tiny. That whole “mobile” thing means messages are often viewed outside, where the sun can make it hard to see the screen, especially if the contrast is turned down to conserve precious battery life.
  • Make your call to action easy to find and click, even for people with the clumsiest fingers. Not that we know anyone like that.
  • Unsubscribe links are necessary, but their placement is important. Put them far, far away from other links, especially your call to action, so there aren’t any unfortunate clumsy-fingered accidents.
  • Use images for emphasis, but not for critical communication. Some email clients automatically disable images, and your pretty picture is invisible.
  • For that reason, always include image descriptions in your alt text. It will allow recipients to read what your picture was trying to tell them.

Email remains one of the best ways to directly communicate with your customers. Your new job is to make sure your message reaches them wherever they are. We’re always here to help. 855.NKD.LIME.