The Mystery of Facebook Ad ROI for Dealerships

While it has been clear that car shoppers, the buying cycle, and the entire auto industry have changed, what hasn’t been as clear or easy to measure is whether all that Facebook “liking” is helping dealers to sell cars. Mystery solved.

A new study proves what we've been saying all along:  Facebook advertising for car dealerships works!

Results of a new comScore study show four main trends between groups using automotive campaigns on Facebook and a control group who did no Facebook advertising:

  • Increased visits to brand sites and model pages.
  • Increased visits to brand pages on auto-related sites.
  • Increased brand search activity.
  • Decreased competitive brand and model search activity.

More specifically, based on search engine activity, the group using Facebook marketing experienced the following changes in mid-funnel actions of the car buying process:Facebook drives mid-funnel sales actions for dealers

  • Brand Site
    +37% visits
    +38% page views
  • Model Pages
    +50% visits
    +46% page views
  • Brand Search
    +11% searches
    +10% searches per person
  • Competitive Search
    -3% brand searches
    -14% model searches

Click here to learn more about comScore’s findings. To start using Facebook marketing to the fullest potential, click here or call 855.NKD.LIME.