The Sad Truth About Auto Brand Loyalty

How loyal do you think your customers are to your dealership? They'll at least come back to you based on brand loyalty, right?

Wrong, almost half the time.

Google has released a Constant Consideration infographic that illustrates how fickle your customers really are and how many opportunities you have to win – or lose – a sale.


  • 87% of new owners say they would buy the same brand again, BUT
  • 44% of car owners really don't.
  • 63% of buyers choose a brand before they begin their research BUT
  • 80% of those buyers end up with a different vehicle than they initially chose.

See the full infographic for more useful tidbits about buyer behavior during every stage of the buying cycle. Hopefully you are the exception to the rules and have all of your dealership marketing bases covered. If not, you know what to do –  855.NKD.LIME.

Google Constant Consideration in Car Buying