Make Your Dealership a Tech Support Hero

car infotainment technologyAccording to Nielsen, more than two-thirds (67%) of mobile subscribers in the U.S. now own smartphones. While that might not seem directly related to the automotive industry, our reliance on and expectations for our devices is extending into our in-car experience.

Automakers realize this and are now partnering with tech companies to provide better “infotainment” options for drivers. Much of that in-car technology is linked with the driver’s smartphone – which can be both a blessing and a curse. Buyers want connectivity, but they want it to be easy and seamless. That’s where you, the dealer, come in.

The more helpful you can be in describing your OEM’s tech and connectivity packages, the easier it is for potential customers to imagine themselves reaping the benefits. Dealership site content dedicated to the subject would benefit buyers researching their next purchase, making you a trusted authority and increasing the likelihood that when ready, they’ll buy from you.

While dedicated web pages are good for shoppers and your site’s rankings in search, don’t limit yourself to one option. Instructional videos on your YouTube channel, helpful tweets about new features, and dedicated blog posts are other ways to help customers embrace the technology offered in your vehicles.

In the U.S. we average 34 hours of smartphone usage each month. We also drive an average of 13,476 miles per year. Make it easy for your customers to safely and conveniently combine the two by educating them about their in-vehicle technology options.