Casual for a Cause: Naked Lime and Owen's Place

Who doesn't love casual Friday? Around here, we like to make sure we put it to good use.

Every Friday, Naked Lime team members pay $2 for the privilege of ditching our usual dapper duds and wearing jeans to work. That $2 goes to that month's chosen Casual for a Cause charitable organization.

But why stop at $2? Last month, some of our service team members decided to step up their donation game and raise even more money for Owen's Place.

Owen’s Place is a recreation project that seeks to provide accessible play and recreation in a safe environment for the full range of physical, intellectual, emotional and social needs of children and adults with disabilities. The area will feature areas focusing on different developmental opportunities, including a hand zone for fine motor development and a sensory garden. There will be a rubber play surface and transfer systems and ramps for access to play structures, as well as platforms for rest. There will also be wheelchair accessible swings and molded swings to allow access for everyone.

To help make all this happen, we decided to play a little dirty.

We chipped in a little extra Casual for a Cause cash for the chance to hit some of our nominated/volunteered co-workers with eggs and pies. Sure, there are other ways to raise money, but we found this to be especially personally and professionally satisfying.

Thanks to everyone who donated, and we hope you'll all continue your support of Owen's Place.

Naked Lime supports Owen's Place, Beavercreek, OH










Naked Lime supports Owen's Place, Beavercreek, OH