Make Gratitude Work for You, Part II: The Thank You Page

Use thank you pages to track dealership website performance

Our last blog post showed you how make the most of your Thank You messages. However, we would be remiss if we didn’t also address the benefits of the alternative – a Thank You page.

The biggest benefit of Thank You pages versus Thank You messages is the added tracking functionality of a page.

If you want to use remarketing as part of your digital advertising strategy (and why wouldn’t you?), Thank You pages are crucial to the execution and measurement of your campaigns. You will want to remarket to the customers who left your site without taking action, and without Thank You pages, you can’t tell which customers submitted a lead and which didn’t.  Thank You pages help control your ad budget by allowing you to entice a customer to come back and give his contact information without wasting advertising spend on someone who has already started the buying process with you.

Another benefit is how much easier Thank You pages make it to work with Google Analytics. Without a Thank You page and access to the site’s back-end, you have no way to set-up Conversion Tracking. Why is conversion tracking important? This is how you tell if your site or advertising is working. Without conversion tracking, you have no way to determine which ads actually resulted in customers filling out contact forms and whether your end goal is being attained.

Finally, social media sites rely on URL tracking and nothing else, and so that means you need Thank You pages on your site. Social media sites do not offer options to insert code onto the site through a back-end tool.  Thank You Pages allow you to have the dynamic URL structure you need so you can do audience market targeting  (the people or audiences who submitted a form versus those who didn’t) and conversion tracking (was my campaign successful?) on social media and gauge whether your social efforts are paying off.

No one wants to throw away money. To really gauge whether your digital advertising is effective, Thank You pages are an invaluable tool.