Google Study Helps Demystify Multi-Channel Marketing

Author: Naked Lime Marketing

Date: May 31, 2014

Topics: Google

Every digital marketer’s best friend, Google, released a new study to show how different marketing channels affect customer purchase decisions.

Do you know which marketing channels convert best for you? Learn more about the customer journey and why it is important to be present every step of the way with The Customer Journey to Online Purchase study. Our examples use the numbers for the U.S. Automotive Industry, but the study allows you to compare across industries, or view online commerce as a whole

Path to Purchase

Organic search is in the top 3 channels that act as a last point of contact before purchase. Display Click and Paid Search provide strong assistance in the online shopping process.

 Google Path to Purchase study

Understanding Assist vs. Last InteractionsThe numbers correspond to a ratio used summarize the channel’s overall role. The lower the value (closer to the right end of the line) the more likely the channel is to be a Last Interaction before the sale. Higher values (nearer to the left end of the Path to purchase) indicate that the channel is more likely to be an Assist Interaction.

Other Findings

The length of the online customer journey, measured both in steps (number of online interactions) or days (time spent in the online purchase cycle with one vendor) showed that for the auto industry:

  • 41% of total online revenue comes from purchases made in more than one day of shopping
  • 61% of total online revenue comes from purchases made with more than one step

 Google Path to Purchase Study


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