New Rules of the Road for Automotive Service Marketing

Automotive service marketing

Though probably not written in stone, a few service marketing “rules of the road” have been
around for a long, long time:

  1. Use the time and mileage service interval.
  2. Market to customers primarily during their vehicle’s warranty period.
  3. Focus your service message only on the makes your dealership sells.
  4. Send the same message to every customer in the DMS database.

Over time, these rules have been extremely successful in helping dealers attract consumers to the service department and drive revenue for the dealership.

But modern marketing strategies are being built around the latest industry research and changing consumer behavior. Those modern strategies call for new road rules to help dealerships capture more service work now and increase vehicle sales tomorrow.

The new rules are influenced by three factors:

  1. The service department is not only an area whose revenue covers operating costs, but also the number one generator of vehicle sales leads. So dealers are looking for ways to maximize both strengths.
  2. Today’s vehicles are better than ever. Quality is less of a differentiating factor for brands. Plus, consumers are keeping their vehicles longer than ever – more than 11 years. That’s putting intense pressure on dealers to build customer relationships and increase service work to drive future sales.
  3. Today’s consumers are different from the ones visiting the dealership even just a few years ago. They are more tech savvy, more mobile, and have higher expectations for how they’ll be treated by retailers. They also do not separate online experiences from real-life ones. That’s true in interactions with friends and family, as well as with retailers, including dealerships.

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