Relax. Google Update Not the End of Digital Advertising.

Google keyword not provided

Is Google blocking paid search keyword data? The short answer is no.

Now for the long answer:

A recent Google update set off alarms for paid search experts and customers everywhere. While some are letting rumors and speculation run rampant, let’s calm down and clear up some confusion.

Many speculated and feared that this was Google’s paid search version of the encrypted search data update (also known as the “keyword not provided” update) for organic search queries. This simply isn’t true.

Google is not taking away advertisers’ abilities to see keyword or search query data. This can still be done through the AdWords Search Term Report (previously called Search Performance Query Report). Third-party paid search platforms that use this data won’t be affected either.

One thing that did change from this update was the referring URL from paid search ads. Previously, Google inserted the search query in the URL string but is now ending that practice. This will only affect analytics applications that use these query strings to gain search query information.

Updates like this latest one from Google are yet another reason why businesses need experienced professionals to manage their digital advertising. While this will affect some small aspects of paid search advertising, it’s not the end of the world as many speculated – just another minor change among Google’s hundreds of updates each year.

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