Mobile Optimization: Time to Recognize and Deliver

Digital marketing optimization for mobile

It wasn’t planned to be Adobe week here on the blog, but they just keep gifting us with such beautiful digital marketing information that we need to share.

Last time, the star was Facebook for retailers. This time they’re all over optimization and personalization for digital marketing. You can download the full 2014 Digital Marketing Optimization study from Adobe because it’s full of good stuff, but the part dealers need to read, digest, and possibly tattoo in an inconspicuous place so they don’t forget, is this:

Mobile optimization is essential.

Of the top 20% of marketers in the survey (based on conversion rates), 83% described mobile optimization as integral to their cross-channel market strategy, while only 67% of the rest of the marketers found it to be important.

Why should it be important? Adobe said it best:

“There’s less time, less room, and less inclination to wait or browse on a mobile device—there is only immediate need. Whether brands can satisfy their mobile audience depends on the ability to recognize what customers want and deliver it with relevance and speed.”

Is your current desktop site compatible with mobile devices? You might immediately say it is, but pull out your phone and actually try it. If you’re frustrated, your customers are, too. (Hot tip: To fix it, read here for the fundamentals of making your site touch-friendly.)

Another way to optimize your digital marketing for mobile is through location-based targeting using GPS and other location technology. Google already helps  with this in organic search, but you can target even more precisely with digital advertising campaigns that send relevant offers and results to people in your area who’ve already indicated they want what you have. It doesn’t get much easier than that.

Tablet and smartphone usage during the car-buying process dramatically increased between 2012 and 2013, by 39% and 15% respectively. If you haven’t embraced mobile yet, you can’t afford to ignore it much longer. Optimization for mobile allows your dealership to reach more customers when they are ready to make a purchase.

It might take a while to tattoo all that. It’s okay. We’ll be here when you get back.