With 75% of Referrals, One Network Dominates Social for Retailers

facebook social referrals for retail websitesAre you still trying to justify the use of Facebook for your business?

A new quarterly report released by Adobe analyzed 17 billion referred website visits from social sites to see which were driving the most traffic for retailers. It just might be all the justification you need.

Why to Post

Their study found that 75% of all social referrals belonged to Facebook. That number is up 13% over the previous quarter.

When to Post

While we don’t generally recommend blanket statements about best times to post (please determine that using your own insights into your own audience), the study did some digging into that area, too.

Friday is the most active day for Facebook engagement, with 17% of total comments, 16% of likes, and 16% of shares. (Let’s be honest – we’re all happy about nearly anything on a Friday, right?) If comments are what you’re looking for, stay away from Sunday – it ranked the lowest.

What to Post

Text-only posts rank the lowest and continue to decline, while video post engagement increased 25% over last year and 58% over the previous quarter. In all fairness, the implementation of auto-play for videos on Facebook increased the number of videos watched substantially, so one would expect the engagement to increase as well. However, businesses can’t discount the importance of video and should absolutely include it in their marketing strategies as it applies.

How to Succeed

Successful social media marketing requires a clear voice for your brand and a deep understanding of what resonates with your customer. There is no one-size-fits-all approach for businesses, even within a smaller segment of retail such as automotive dealerships. For more information about how to make your dealership stand out in the news feed, call 855.NKD.LIME.