Honoring Local Heroes on Independence Day

Honor Flight Dayton WWII Memorial Washington DCWe’re a pretty relaxed crew at Naked Lime, but we like keep it professional – including our dress code. However, on Fridays, we cut loose and break out the denim for the tradition known in the corporate world as “Casual Friday.”

But you know we take any available opportunity to give to worthy causes, and our temporarily relaxed dress code is no exception. Our casual Fridays became “Casual for a Cause,” where the money we pay for the privilege of donning our high-waisted mom jeans, our button-fly holdovers from the glorious ‘90s, and our skinny jeggings, is donated to a (preferably local) nonprofit organization designated for that month.

For July, in honor of our nation’s independence and those who defend it, our chosen organization is Honor Flight Dayton.

Our top priority is our nation’s most senior heroes. World War II Veterans waited patiently for over 65 years for a memorial that recognizes their service and accomplishments. The World War II Memorial also recognizes the ultimate sacrifices of their friends who never made it home. Similarly, Korean War and Vietnam War Veterans have been waiting for years to see their respective memorial as well. They ALL deserve this one last opportunity to visit America’s “Thank You.”

Honor Flight Dayton escorts veterans of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and any terminally ill veteran from any other war, to Washington, D.C., to visit our nation’s Armed Services memorials. These trips are provided at no cost to qualified veterans and include all transportation, meals, T-shirts, and disposable cameras to capture the event.

They also hold special Honoring Yesterday’s Heroes ceremonies at the memorials for veterans who can’t attend in person. Families or other representatives veterans who are deceased or unable to travel can submit photos of their veteran, which will be used to create a certificate and photo of the veteran, along with an American flag, at their appropriate memorial sites.

We are so proud to be able to help honor our local veterans. The Honor Flight program receives no local, state, or national government sponsorship, so all funding comes from individual donors and local organizations and corporations. If you’d like to help, they gratefully accept tax-deductible donations.

If you can’t donate, please at least celebrate your freedom this weekend by thanking a veteran. Happy Independence Day!