The New Car-Buying Cycle: Don't Just Adapt. Disrupt.

Disrupt the ZMOT car buying cycle

Entitled. Spoiled. Impatient. Apathetic.

Those are all descriptors given to Millennials, or Generation Y, or the people we've all been told aren't interested in buying cars, but conversely, are the very ones to whom it is most important to sell them.

It is that generation who has changed the buying process, adding the Zero Moment of Truth, as Google defined it. Their Automotive ZMOT study determined this “moment” generally lasts two or three months, during which the average shopper will consult more than 24 different sources before taking the first step toward buying a vehicle.

Naked Lime has been helping dealers adapt to the new ways people by cars, but what if you didn't have to adapt? What if you could disrupt the system, and claim your customers before they even began to actively research other makes and other dealerships?

You can.

Our latest whitepaper explains how.

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