Top 3 SEO Benefits of helps Google serve customers what they ordered. helps Google serve customers what they ordered.

Like every other part of good marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) should be about providing a valuable experience to your customers.

While search engines have highly advanced algorithms in constant refinement, they are not perfect. Sometimes web content has semantic meanings that people can easily interpret but give search engines trouble. Just by adding a little extra HTML coding, you can help search engines better understand and better display your content in search rankings. is the vocabulary set initiative jointly launched by Google, Bing, and Yahoo! to create a better understanding of semantic content. Google, for example, has been pushing semantic search over the past year, most notably with the Hummingbird algorithm launched last August.

Semantic search helps when users are in the market for a car and search for a Chrysler 300, which is certainly different than the 2006 film 300. If you have a web page talking about how much you love Mercedes, are you talking about Mercedes-Benz or a lovely lady named Mercedes who hopefully feels the same way about you? Search engines aren’t perfect at picking up these semantic meanings, so you can add markups to tell them exactly what you mean.

There are a few major benefits to implementing markups on your websites.

  1. Most importantly, search engines can interpret your content better.
  2.  Google can display the structured data in a rich snippet to users, making your search results more attractive and improving click-through rates.
  3. could affect your search rankings. While Google has denied it, studies have shown that pages with markup rank four positions higher on average.

Your dealership website and SEO should work together to give customers what they want. is another way to do it. Call 855.NKD.LIME if you need help making it happen.