Lancaster Toyota and Naked Lime Marketing: The Start of Something Beautiful

We're always grateful, but never surprised, when dealers tell us they are happy with the services and results we provide. It's a fun change of pace when we get praise for how our consultants handle the sales and setup process as well.

Once upon a time, Lancaster Toyota was shopping for a new marketing vendor. They ultimately chose Naked Lime because of their consultant, Charlie.

According to Internet Sales Manager Deb Bock, “Haystak left a bad taste in my mouth with their presentation. was okay but they stopped following up with us, unlike our Naked Lime representative, Charlie. Charlie did such a great job with his presentation and has been persistent and patient throughout the process. He really helped make the deal.”

Before Lancaster Toyota switched to Naked Lime, they had four websites with three different vendors, which they felt was an “absolute train wreck.” They used other third party companies for SEO, social media and “everything else.” In Deb's words, “I was not sure if any communication was happening between them. I became frustrated because I didn’t have the time to research it and make sure people were doing their jobs.”

Deb is really looking forward to working with Naked Lime. “With Naked Lime, we will be receiving more features, more services, and everything under one umbrella for a price comparable to what we paid before… I am very anxious to get started with Naked Lime so every service is handled with better communication between one team.”

Big thanks to Charlie and all of our other Naked Lime Marketing consultants for setting the standard for how to effectively solve dealership problems and set them up for success.

Look forward to hearing more from Deb and Lancaster Toyota when they reach full utilization and begin to see results.

We love a happy ending!

Lancaster Toyota Naked Lime Web Testimonial