Second Annual Naked Lime Dayton Field Day

You know what they say about all work and no play.

So last week, Naked Lime digital marketing specialists in Dayton rolled their chairs away from their monitors for a few hours to play in the sunshine.

But let's be honest – there isn't much we can't turn into a competition.

Enduring a series of grueling events like sack races, tug of war, hula hoop relays, and many others requires training, preparation, and almost superhuman strength. Luckily, we were up for the challenge.

See the teams and their scores:

Naked Lime Team Batman

Batman – 629

Naked Lime Team Flash

Flash – 556

Naked Lime Team Thor

Thor – 535

Naked Lime Team Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman – 519

Naked Lime Team Hulk

Hulk – 494

Naked Lime Team Superman

Superman – 469

Naked Lime Team Wolverine

Wolverine – 452

Naked Lime Team Iron Man

Iron Man – 449

Naked Lime Team Captain America

Captain America – 437

Naked Lime Team Spiderman

Spiderman – 434

Naked Lime Team Green Lantern

Green Lantern – 376

While Team Batman was ahead in points, there remained one final event.  Team Flash  was victorious over Team Batman in the kickball finale to take the 2014 Field Day Championship.

The top 3 teams win fabulous prizes, and bragging rights until next year (for which some are undoubtedly already training and planning their costumes.) Until then, you can re-live the excitement of the first Naked Lime Field Day, and see more photos from this year on the Naked Lime Facebook page!