ICYMI: Digital Reputation Management Tips from DD17


Dan Malloy's (@danielgmalloy) Digital Dealer session was such a success that, through no fault of his own, he was not provided enough handouts for everyone in the audience. #marketingteamfail

First, we sincerely thank you for attending!

Second, we apologize to anyone who missed out, and present… drum roll please… the take-aways from Dan's session! Print one for yourself, and share with all your friends!

Reputation Management: The Internet Doesn’t Forgive and Forget

17th Digital Dealer Conference and Exposition

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Three key ways to increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall dealership success:

  • Effective social media management – Engage your customers in conversations of all types, from reviews and comments to posting special events and advertising.
  • Customer follow-up surveys – Ensure customers understand how important their feedback is to you and also provide a platform to turn possible customer issues into positive customer service experiences.
  • Implement a response handling plan – Stay engaged to maintain and build your customer base and increase your positive online presence.


Secrets of Proactive Reputation Management:

  • Follow-up email surveys
  • Using Social Media to increase engagement
  • POS handouts for selected review sites
  • Encouraging customers to share feedback
  • Featured testimonials on website or social media
  • Reviews pages on your website
  • Addition of review site button to:
    • Email signatures
    • Website
    • Email campaigns