GM Dealer Reputation Management Success with Naked Lime

We value customer feedback as much as dealerships value online reviews. Here's one customer's experience with GM SFE Reputation Management from Naked Lime.

Dear Naked Lime,

Before we partnered with Naked Lime for reputation management, we were attempting to do it by ourselves, through a very hit-and-miss process. Now we have a process that is consistent and measurable.

We initially chose Naked Lime for GM SFE Reputation Management because limiting the number of third-party vendors is good for our customers and less confusing to our team. The program has since helped us focus on providing excellent customer service. We know that customers share their experiences digitally, whether they tell us or not. We are confident that with this program, if we do stumble and disappoint a customer, we will know and have a chance to respond.

We are very pleased with the support offered by Naked Lime. Our specialist actually checks in with us, and we meet weekly. She takes the time to learn and listen to us, then develops ideas that complement what we value. She is a partner in helping us completely satisfy our customers.

We would recommend GM SFE Reputation Management with Naked Lime, and we actually have on several occasions. We try to remember that good things aren’t cheap and cheap things aren’t good. Naked Lime’s people make the difference and provide value.


Scott Harris
General Manager
Bill Harris Chevy Buick Cadillac
Ashland, OH

GM Reputation Management from Naked Lime




Whether reputation management is a requirement of your OEM or just good business sense, Naked Lime is happy to help. GM dealers can visit and any dealer can email or call 855.NKD.LIME to get started!