It's Common Sense – Follow the Leads that Convert


In marketing, it’s all about the numbers. Our studies show that for some dealerships:Lead generation from dealership database

  • 45% of dealership leads come from the internet.
  • Internet leads only convert at 10%.
  • Dealers are only targeting 30% of their existing customer database.
  • Existing customers have a 35% conversion rate.

What’s wrong with this picture?

Your existing customers are a largely untapped lead source. But more disturbing than that, they’re ultimately more convertible than the internet leads we all work so hard for. That is why it is so crucial to effectively source your own database.

Working your own database starts in your service drive. Do you know which of your daily service customers are eligible for an upgrade into a new car – same model, trim and term – that you currently have in inventory?

What if that customer had negative equity?  Equity tools only show you positive equity customers, but 28% of car customers have negative equity.  With an equity tool alone, you are missing out on over a quarter of your potential leads.

If you are going to sell 12 cars today, would you rather make 300 phone calls or 30? Your best leads are already in your dealership.

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