Think E-Commerce is Just Shopping Carts? Expensive Mistake.

Author: Naked Lime Marketing

Date: October 17, 2014

Topics: Web

Adaptive web design for dealershipsYou’ve probably heard the rumbling, ongoing debate on which type of website design is best for car dealers. That question can be answered only after we identify what type of business dealerships actually do online.

Sure, Google recommends1 that websites be responsive. But people have interpreted that recommendation as a strict endorsement for responsive web design.  And it’s fine – for 80% of the world’s sites and blogs.

But what about e-commerce sites?  What about businesses whose customers are on the go, have very specific intent, and expect a very tailored experience?

Responsive design delivers the same user experience across devices by sending the same HTML code to all devices. It’s quick, easy, and usually effective.

Instead of sending the same code to all devices, adaptive design sends unique codes to fit specific devices. Site customization means you can deliver more relevant content and features to a specific device, separating customers who need maps and driving directions from those who might want detailed inventory listings.

The foundation of success in e-commerce is understanding customer behavior and intent. Think automotive retailers aren’t in the e-commerce business?

Think again.

E-commerce encompasses the entire buying cycle and all of the activities associated with a purchase. It’s not solely an exchanging of money for goods or services – especially when you’re selling a product that requires a large financial investment, which vehicles certainly are.

In reality, by the time a consumer visits a dealership, the core of the transaction is complete. Most consumers aren’t “sold” a car on the lot; they walk in and buy one. The “selling” has already happened online.

That’s e-commerce. Automotive retailers are certainly in that business.

(This post was originally submitted to Digital Dealer Conference and Exposition. You can download the accompanying slide show here or see the session summary and video here.)

Travis Hafer for Naked Lime at Digital Dealer 17Travis Hafer began his automotive career in 2002 with Dave Arbogast Buick-Pontiac-GMC in Troy, OH. His time in the automotive industry wasn’t done there as he became an integral part of the Naked Lime sales team in 2011. Travis currently serves on the BDC Naked Lime Marketing team, specializing in presenting the consultative full-service vision Naked Lime has built.  As a Naked Lime expert, Travis remotely assists his dealers in becoming the digital leaders in their markets.