Webinar: Transforming Your Digital Dealership

Author: Naked Lime Marketing

Date: October 21, 2014

Topics: Web

Automotive News Naked Lime Webinar

What do Amazon, PayPal, Google, and your dealership website have in common?

They’re all sites that benefit from being tailored to deliver the best user experience through adaptive web design.

What does this mean? These companies know what their users want to do from which devices, and present the relevant site information accordingly. What more could you want from a website?

We know that online shoppers use different devices for very different reasons. Catering to their specific intentions is the first step to providing an exceptional customer experience.

Naked Lime is honored and excited to be given the opportunity to host a webinar on this topic this week through Automotive News!

When: Thursday, October 23 at 2:00 PM ET
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Duration: 60 minutes
Where: Right from your computer
Cost: Free
Presented by: Greg Uland, Regional Sales Director, Naked Lime
Moderated by: Jim Treece, News Editor, Automotive News

Attend our webinar, Transforming Your Digital Dealership to Meet Consumer Demands, to:

  • Understand why dealers are in the e-commerce business and how that affects their digital dealership.
  • Identify the Age of Mobility and how it shapes the customer experience.
  • Recognize the digital consumer's intent and how to design for it.

Customer expectations have changed, and you have to change with them. Let us help.

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