Mystery-Shopping Dealership Email Marketing

bad email marketing practicesYou just finished a sale with a brand new customer. She leaves your dealership happy to own a new vehicle. But if your dealership sends her irrelevant automated messages, spam lookalikes, or messages she can’t read easily on her mobile device, she won’t be happy for long.

The author of a recent article in Dealer Marketing Magazine pretended to be a car shopper to see what in-market consumers really experience. He noticed a few big problems with the digital dealership experience – specifically, their email marketing kind of stinks.

Some dealers send automated emails that have nothing to do with an individual’s consumer journey. Some emails look more like spam and less like helpful communication.

Even if dealers send helpful, timely, relevant emails, some aren’t compatible with mobile devices. Since 48 percent of email is opened on a mobile device, that means potentially half the time, a dealer’s email marketing efforts aren’t making the cut.

The overwhelming solution to these problems is to find an email marketing service that offers the right digital marketing tools to manage a database for relational marketing purposes.

Whether dealers hire a company, acquire a tool, or collaborate in-house, they need to create an email marketing strategy that gives customers the in-market experience they desire – including unique messages specifically geared to a customer’s service and purchase needs.

Finally, dealers need to fully understand the tool(s) they use for email marketing – or find someone who can help them use it!