Naked Lime Elves Give Back to our Troops

Sure, our automotive marketing services are designed help dealers to sell cars, but this time of year, Naked Lime likes to help young drivers with a different kind of wheels.

The Naked Lime offices became Santa Workshops last weekend when our teams and their families participated in an annual Bike Build.

Busy little elves in Dayton, Houston, and College Station together built almost 300 bikes, ranging from tricycles and 12-inch bikes with training wheels to 26-inch multi-speed models. After being assembled and quality checked, the bikes were donated to the children of soldiers serving in the Armed Forces.

Bikes built in Dayton were given to the children of the 1487th Transportation Company and 1-134th Field Artillery Group of the Ohio National Guard based in Piqua, OH. Houston built bikes for the children of those serving at the U.S. Coast Guard Air Station in Houston, and College Station donated theirs to children of soldiers stationed at Fort Hood.

We send our sincere thanks to all those who serve, and to their families, who also make huge sacrifices.

Happy Holidays!

Guests from USCG Air Station Houston, Texas

Guests from USCG Air Station


Naked Lime Christmas Bike Build Naked Lime Christmas Bike Build Naked Lime Christmas Bike Build