Record-Breaking Year for Toyota Dealership with Naked Lime

Everyone loves it when a good marketing plan comes together.

The success experienced by Toyota of Gastonia is what Naked Lime hopes to see all of our dealers achieve when they take full advantage of our services.

Hear it from them: 

Toyota testimonial of Naked Lime services


Dear Naked Lime,

When I started at Toyota of Gastonia, our digital presence was lacking. There was no accountability, no reporting, and a major disconnect between vendors. I even had vendors blaming each other for their lack of performance. I needed one place to go to for all my digital marketing, so I called Naked Lime. We’ve been with them for 6 months now, and having them do everything is absolutely indispensable.

Like everybody else, we’ve struggled with where to spend our marketing dollars. With Naked Lime, we sold 41 cars from our first direct mail piece! But there’s so much more:

  • In August, we experienced a 30% growth at our Toyota store.
  • We achieved 50% growth at our Mazda store and, for the first time ever, maintained that growth for three months straight.
  • Mazda new car volume is up 49% year over year since bringing on NLM.
  • Toyota new car volume is up 15% year over year since bringing on NLM.
  • Toyota and Mazda’s combined net profit is up 42% year over year since bringing on NLM.

We’ve done mail before, but suddenly it was like a brand new concept. It’s been a record breaking year and we couldn’t have done it without Naked Lime.

The best thing about Naked Lime is the time they save me. Instead of spending hours investigating each issue, contacting appropriate vendors, doing follow-up, and resolving the issue, I just pass it to Naked Lime. I don’t have to worry about it or check up on it. I’m completely out of that loop and can go back to selling cars.

I’ve used other companies and found that they don’t speak my language. With Naked Lime, they speak in terms of “us” and “we”. Naked Lime actually pulls real data and says, “Here are the facts.” “Here’s where we are targeting.” “Here’s where we’ve increased and here’s where we still need to improve.” They speak in dealer terms and they take ownership of the results.

I feel like Naked Lime really cares about clients and fights for their success. They truly ask themselves “How can we help make this store more successful? How do we help them sell more cars?” It’s not just a sales pitch like I’ve heard before – Naked Lime really believes this. They have truly been a business partner.

Chris Kosa
General Sales Manager
Toyota of Gastonia
Gastonia, NC