Reputation Management, CSI Scores, and Dealer Success with Naked Lime

GM said it wasn't so. We told you it wasn't so. But the rumor persisted that SFE Reputation Management from GM hurt dealership CSI scores. 

Read one dealer's story:

College Chevrolet and Naked Lime Success

Dear Naked Lime,

Before GM required a reputation management program, we had already chosen Naked Lime. We knew the value of a positive online presence and how hard it was to do it on our own. When reputation management became part of the GM SFE program, staying with Naked Lime was a no-brainer. We were engaged with their team and comfortable that they would deliver great results.

The biggest advantage of the program is the quick response. We get the opportunity to intervene before a customer gets the CSI survey. Now our sales and service teams know what customers think of us. We can see what we’re doing well and where we need improvement. Our CSI scores have gone up 10 points in the last year. That’s HUGE!

Naked Lime has helped our dealership become excited about the program. The staff wants to see the survey results. It is great positive reinforcement for them to hear good feedback about themselves. They have negative survey responses texted to them so they can respond as soon as possible. It has raised everyone’s awareness of customer satisfaction.

The support we receive for the program through Naked Lime is exceptional. We feel comfortable having them handle our responses for us. We know they’ll come through with a reply that is creative and well-written.

I would absolutely recommend Naked Lime to other dealerships for GM SFE Reputation Management.


Chip Murdoch, Owner/Operator

College Chevrolet Buick, Albion, MI


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