The Car Dealer's Night Before Christmas

santa pulling sleigh

However you celebrate your winter holidays, Naked Lime hopes you find yourself surrounded by love, happiness… and a little bit of laughter. To help with the last one, we bring you:

The Car Dealer's Night Before Christmas

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
Only one sound was heard, the click of a mouse.
While others dreamt of the next morning’s presents,
One dealer was consumed by his digital presence.

He was trying to make sure his website was there
For internet searches both common and rare.
As a car dealership, the web is imperative
To start a satisfied customer narrative.

The current vendors just weren’t doing the trick.
His numbers were redder than the suit of St. Nick.
He needed solutions that could dominate Google,
With a budget that was described kindly as “frugal.”

While he sat there, pondering his marketing problem,
A noise from the chimney – someone trying to rob them?
Grabbing his bat, he crept toward the sound.
He was ready for trouble, but that’s not what he found.

Instead he saw only a bag full of loot,
With digital marketing solutions and fruit.
Services that could save him both money and time,
And they all were available from Naked Lime!

For managing review sites like Google and Yelp,
Reputation Management could be of great help.
The proactive process kick starts positive chatter.
The reactive process finds out what is the matter.

Next up was a product some call PPC,
(Others say “Paid Search,” because it’s not free.)
Digital Advertising covers text ads and display,
Budgeting wisely to show up each day.

To complement paid search Santa brought SEO
(Search Engine Optimization, to those in the know.)
They optimize your website and add content, too,
To ensure that when searching, searchers find you.

SEO and Social go hand in hand.
With social media you can manage your brand.
Interact with customers on Facebook and Twitter,
So that fans think you’re sweet, rather than bitter.

Excited, the dealer pressed on toward the bottom
Eager to see what else Kris Kringle had brought him.
“There’s email marketing, to send each campaign,
And a Lead Account Strategist, to hear me complain.”

Now he can send out custom eNewsletters
About cars, cookie recipes, or holiday sweaters.
Getting leads from your database making you nervous?
Put your mind at ease and use XtreamService.

The dealer looked around and was thrilled with his haul.
Naked Lime’s products were great, he wanted them all!
But first he had to show Santa his gratitude
For transforming his business and changing his attitude.

He quickly ran out, but the sleigh was just leaving
To all those who doubt, seeing is believing
And he heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight
“Merry Christmas from Naked Lime and to all a good night!”

– Jim Tobe, Naked Lime Digital Marketing Supervisor


Naked Lime Office Christmas Trees 2014