Stop Wasting Your Time on Social Media

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A recent article from Auto Dealer Monthly took a critical look at efforts made by dealers to generate leads using social media.

It turns out that those efforts have been unsuccessful because dealers stretch themselves too thin across too many channels – focusing on “what channels to use” rather than “why use these channels.”

Auto Dealer argued that many dealers gave up using social media as a sales and marketing tool too soon, issuing a wake-up call to dealers who are currently ignoring social media, abandoning their channels, or doing the bare minimum:

Social media can be so much more for dealerships, if they’re willing to value it.

How do they know?

  • Every month, 1.19 billion people actively use Facebook. Around 259 million active users log onto LinkedIn, and 259 million log onto Twitter.
  • Analysts predict 33 percent of new-car buyers will use social media in their research when buying a new car. That same percentage will also use social media to share the results of their buying experience.
  • A lot of those new-car buyers will be Millennials. Specifically, Millennials will buy 40 percent of all cars purchased in the next 10 years.

To capture the interest of new-car buyers on social media, dealers should abandon the “push and pray” mentality and adopt the “pull and stay” mindset (We talk about this attitude shift in our white paper Eyes on the Prize: Thriving Not Just Surviving).

The most effective “pull and stay” methods for social media build relationships and conversations with a highly defined target demographic. They’re built on data-driven strategies. They take dedicated time, effort, and resources. They may require looking outside the four walls of the dealership for digital marketing partners.

However, when done correctly, these methods can also solve some serious social media problems that dealers and marketing managers face, and build a foundation of success for future sales.

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